We love Halloween! Every year we dress up for Luke's side of the family party the day before Halloween and again on Halloween. For Luke's family party we have dinner in a pumpkin, bob for spud-nuts (which is actually eating donuts off a string-no hands!), dip caramel apples (yes, I know, lots of food), have a spook house for the kiddies and lots of other fun activities. It's always fun to see everyone else dressed up and we have fun putting our costumes together as well.
On Halloween we go to my mom and dad's to celebrate with my side of the family. My mom always makes finger sand"witches" (bread, cheese wiz and tuna on layers of bread-this might not sound the best, but it is soooo good once a year). We hand out candy to trick o' treaters and since Luke and I are kidless as of yet we get to take all of the little ones around my parents neighborhood.
This year Luke and I really got in to the Halloween spirit. We decorated up our apartment, watched about a million scary movies and spent a day at Frightmares. We do have to say that the original Lagoon haunted houses are still the real deal.

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