We love Halloween! Every year we dress up for Luke's side of the family party the day before Halloween and again on Halloween. For Luke's family party we have dinner in a pumpkin, bob for spud-nuts (which is actually eating donuts off a string-no hands!), dip caramel apples (yes, I know, lots of food), have a spook house for the kiddies and lots of other fun activities. It's always fun to see everyone else dressed up and we have fun putting our costumes together as well.
On Halloween we go to my mom and dad's to celebrate with my side of the family. My mom always makes finger sand"witches" (bread, cheese wiz and tuna on layers of bread-this might not sound the best, but it is soooo good once a year). We hand out candy to trick o' treaters and since Luke and I are kidless as of yet we get to take all of the little ones around my parents neighborhood.
This year Luke and I really got in to the Halloween spirit. We decorated up our apartment, watched about a million scary movies and spent a day at Frightmares. We do have to say that the original Lagoon haunted houses are still the real deal.


Summer Fun

Luke and I have been doing a lot of fun things this summer.
Alaska is at the top of the list of course. However, I haven't got all of the pictures uploaded yet.
We hit a couple of movie premieres this summer as well- Transformers and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Both were great!
We won 2nd place in the night golf tournament in Filmore. 4-man scramble. Our friends Ashley Paul and Brady Jones were on our team. Luke's brother Josh and his wife Tressa and his sisters Natalie and Cami and their hubbies Steven and Tony played in the tournament as well. Night golf is so much fun-we've played in this same tournament for 3 years together now. Luke has given me a couple of lessons this year and I think my swing has improved. He is a good coach and a good golfer. He plays quite a bit of golf and this year it has paid off. He has been doing well in tournaments and actually just won first place in his division in the Ute Stampede tournament. Jake took second (his brother). Good job boys!
Luke and I both turned 22 this summer. We celebrated Luke's birthday all weekend. Luke took me on a motorcycle ride on the newly paved Santaquin Canyon Road-very smooth. And as always we ate like kings (and queens), surf n' turf (crab, shrimp and steak), Luke's favorites. Instead of cake, cheese cake-yum! Luke's mom set up a movie under the stars in their back yard for his family party and for his friend party we played pin the tail on the donkey and hired a clown . . . just kidding ;) we roasted hot dogs and made s'mores up the canyon.

Luke and I aren't big cake eaters. We both prefer cheese cake and/or brownies.

The kiddies are excited for the movie under the stars.
Luke and the little boys.
We spent at least two nights a week at the ballpark in May and June playing men's and women's softball. We didn't put together a co-ed team this year, but we fill in for a team and Luke is playing on another men's team with his high school buddies, so what do you know. . .we're still at the ball park two nights a week.

Luke and I spent half of our summer evenings, just before hitting the pillow, reading the Twilight series together and the other half of our summer evenings watching the Prison Break series. We have two discs left in that series and we're kind of sad honestly. We felt the same way when the Twilight series was coming to an end. Silly, I know. P.S. We're both Jacob fans in case anyone is wondering. Can't wait for New Moon (November 20) to hit theaters.

Payson Onion Days!!! We didn't hit up many Onion Days festivities this year; however, we did go to the band concert Sunday night and the parade and "carni" on Monday. The band is great background music for all the people watching I do and Luke is a good sport and for hanging out with me even when I'm prone to zoning out. For some reason I am so content to sit and stare at people. I know . . . "staring isn't nice". Okay, so I can only people watch for so long. We sat with Natalie and Steven and the whole Andreason crew during the concert-who by the way are so nice to share their homemade goodies with us-and Owen (our nephew) is even nice enough to throw sweedish fish into our mouths, so we don't even have to work for our treats.
Ashtyn and Luke on the BIG slide. Wee!

Kennedy and her friend Bailey.

Me, Kennedy and Bailey on the Gee Wiz.

Haydn and I on the Dragon.
I love DisneyLand and can spend 3 days riding rides there, but the "carni" makes me sick! How could I pass riding with my cute nieces and nephews though? So, I took the chance of getting sick and went on a few rides with them and I survived.

Tayler(our niece) danced in the parade and at the park. She is a good little dancer and fun to watch because she is a little cheeser.

We went to my parents cabin for the 4th of July weekend. The cabin is always nice and Payson Canyon is so beautiful. We did come down from the canyon on the 4th to the Stadium of Fire with Aaron and Julie (Luke's parents) and our nephews Skyler and Jadden. The Stadium of Fire was great and I'm a new fan of the Jonna's Brothers-who isn't? We try to go camping, especially to the cabin, as much as possible. Our last two trips were with some friends. . .

Keera, Me and Bailee.

Ryan, Luke, Travis, Dallin and Quinten.

Luke, Me and Trav.

Kenzie, Ash and Me.

Travis, Dallin, Reagan, Luke, Quinten and Ryan. These pictures were taken before Quinten gave all the boys the idea of using the hand sanitizer to start their hands on fire. Quick shave!


Alaska Cruise 2009-The Inside Passage

We had the best time on our cruise. Alaska is so beautiful. We explored and absolutely loved all of the ports of call and met a lot of friends. We did all of the usual things you would do on a cruise, ate a lot of good food, watched all of the awesome shows, participated in competitions, etc. etc. But one thing that really made this cruise fun was that we danced every night from about 11:30 (that's when it gets dark) until dawn (3:30) or whenever they kicked us out and then ate cereal at the 24-hour buffet.


Traveling- SEATTLE


The guys with the saloon girl. Whi woo.

Rarr! Bear Hugs?
Looking down at the starting point of our Juneau adventure. We finally reached the top! By the way, what you see in the picture is typical of what we could see from the ship all the time. Amazing, right?

Scenery from our hike in Juneau. Reminds me of Twilight :)

We saw a sign in town that said "Mt. Roberts trail" while exploring Juneau. We asked some locals if it was a good hike. They told us yes and that we were halfway there already.They also told us that once we reached the top we could ride the tram down. 2 hours later . . . we reached the top and saw this sign. Ha ha. It was a way fun hike and beautiful, but the sign was exactly right and the only thing we had was plenty of time.

The Red Dog Saloon. Cute.
Mt. Roberts tram. Boy were we glad we were able to ride the tram back down the mountain.


Relaxing in our room. Staying up dancing all night and hiking 1800ft. straight up a mountain will make you tired.

Bailee's um. . . a little comfortable on the pole. ;0

We wore our robes all over the ship to keep us from turning into popcicles when we were finished swimming. Luke kind of looked like Hugh Heffner walking around with all of us girls in his robe.

Celebrating mine and Bailee's graduation. Our waitor brought us yummy dessert (like we hadn't already eaten enough).
Baked Alaska. Yum!

NIGHT (early morning :)) LIFE!

Luke's a nice uncle and gave Bailee a lift after a long night of dancing.
The Skywalkers Crew.

Top left: Keera, "Reno Boy 2" Nevan, Andy "Stanky", Luke, "Reno Boy 1" Andrew, Bailee, "Chops" Miguel and Me.

Everybody loved Luke as always. Reno boys especially.

Luke gettin' jiggy wid' it.

Getting our drink on ;)

(virgin strawberry margarita still takes the prize, pina colada is a close 2nd)

Our cruise buddies wanted us to play beer pong, but since we don't drink we put our creative juices together and somehow Keera came up with using "Chops" as the ball.

Keera, Bailee, Me, Luke, Mom and Dad. The best cruise buddies EVER! New Years Ever party in June . . . Why not?

"Oh, Canada

Luke is frolicking in the grass with all of the bunnies at the University of Victoria. They are everywhere-you know how rabbits are.
This was our ride in Victoria B.C. We even had a driver. This car (if I were cool I would remember the name of it) use to be used by royalty (boy did we feel special). Fun fact: Our driver told us that if Barrack O'bama came to stay-the mansion in the background is where he would stay.
The Tallest Totem Pole in the world.

I don't know if you can see the sign behind us? That might help you understand the picture. Although, most of our pictures don't have a point. We just have fun taking them.

There were bald eagles EVERYWHERE.
Shopping at the warf.
Bailee has a thing for lumberjacks. And lumberjacks for Bailee. Go figure.
We saw a whole pod (is that the correct term? IDK) of Orcas right off the shore in Ketchikan. We followed them along the shore for about 10 minutes. Consider ourselves lucky.
Right before we saw all of those whales we walked along this rocky beach and Luke found us all kinds of live starfish. Patrick!?
Me and my Dad. I'm so glad he had the great idea to cruise to Alaska. He got some great footage on his camcorder. If only I was good at using blogger I would post some of it.
The girls. Love em'! (Bai, Me, Mom and Keera)


I know it looks warm, but it was early morning and freezing. We we're in ice (berg) water. We thought it would be a good night to pull an allnighter, so we haven't even went to bed yet.
Us pulling the allnighter. Last night at this time we were atleast in the warm pool.

If you look close there is a HUGE glacier in the background. It's the white thing between the two mountains. You had to be there.
Trying to stay warm and awake, so we don't miss the sights.

We saw like a million seals this day right next to the ship on their little ice bergs.

Needless to say, we want to go on another cruise in December or January to Mexico. Who's coming with?